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Barber Program

Learn from experience & success

If you're not great or don't know how to cut men's hair, no problem we can add in our online barber program. Click the button below to send us your your request.

Certificate Program

Complete the program in it's entirety and we will mail you a certificate of completion, for you to display at your practice.
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Baldwin Results


Our curriculum is based on real experience not case studies

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Sedell Results

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Shane Testimonial

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Solve a problem: 66% of men experience hair loss between the ages of 20 to 35.

Afro vs Straight Hair

Learn how to choose the right hair for each clients needs.

Bonus material

  • Legal Documents

    Operate as a true professional with our done-for-you legal documents for Hair Units. These are documents drafted by a lawyer to protect us the specialists. These legal papers are customizable & downloadable.

  • Unlimited Replays

    No need to rush your learning experience. Even though this is a 5 week intensive program you can pace yourself and watch the content whenever + as many times as you like. No need to worry about forgetting anything.

  • Entrepreneural

    Learn how to market and operate a hair loss business. We've included step by step videos & documents that will help you become a business leader in your city.



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